Moon Temple Facilitator Training


Moon Temple Facilitator Training

              RiSe In Empowered Feminine leadership

to Share Ritual Arts & Moon Mysteries

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Goddess RIsing MoOn temple FacilitatOr Training  



Beloved Priestess Of The Moon,

In your hands, womb and heart, you hold sacred Women’s Wisdom. In your temple body, you are remembering and reclaiming the wisdom of the Moon and The Goddess.

You are the gatekeeper to your own Divine path… and you can also be a sacred mirror for women on their path.

We know that you may desire to offer what you learn and embody in Priestesses of the Moon with other women.  We know that you meet many women who are desperately needing to bring this embodied remembrance of the feminine into their lives. For emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing, awakening and empowerment.

Right now the planet is in dire need for women to come together in sacred sisterhood to spark the remembrance of our collective wild and sacred feminine lunar nature. Our vision is for you to courageously claim yourself in this role as an authentic feminine leader from a place of integrity, embodiment, and commitment to yourself, Women’s Mysteries, and your Sisters.  We encourage you to share what you will learn in this training, combined with your unique and innate gifts within a global network of support and a reputable platform that is our Goddess Rising Moon Temple Collective to facilitate potent and life-changing Moon Temple space for women in your communities.

This is an in-depth, experiential, and interactive Facilitator Training. Because of our devoted mission, there are requirements that need to be met for you to receive your Certification and join us in our Moon Temple Collective, where you will then receive continued resources and support to lead and facilitate Moon Temples, Red Tents, Workshops & Events in your community throughout the year.  

This comes as an invitation from the core of our heart's love and devoted life purpose. We welcome you in this opportunity to rise in your gifts as a sacred feminine leader and unite together in being a wildfire of profound shift and healing that women need now, that the world needs now.

We are welcoming 13 Moon Priestesses for this Moon Temple Facilitator Training by Application.

The pre-requisite for this Training is completion of all 8 Priestesses Of The Moon Temples from our Online Course and all Homeplay Practices.

This must be completed before our Training Retreat at Summer Solstice, as a past graduate OR enrolled in our next Online Course that starts in 2018.

We invite you to journey with us. We deeply honour and celebrate you, Sister!

With Lunar Love, Ameya & Achintya


 Feminine Power

Sacred Women's Wisdom

Authentic Leadership


In order to walk this path of facilitating Moon Temples & Red Tents, we must redefine the words ‘power’ and ‘leader’ as they have been so distorted through our society’s conditionings and from what we, as a culture of women, have witnessed in our own lifetime. Because of this distortion (power & leadership = control & inequality), there has been (or is) a resistance and avoidance to power and leadership altogether within women, or a tiptoeing around a deep desire to embody their true qualities. 

Sacred Feminine Leadership is about bringing change to the world through the heart of the Goddess and embodying the dance of your heart's PASSION. It is about vulnerability, authenticity, and ultimately, being committed to your own personal evolution, devoted to a greater source.

Feminine POWER is power that is expansive and unlimited.  It is not control or dominance. It is vulnerable and fierce.  It is nurturing and receptive. At its core, it comes from the heart.

These qualities become the roots of living your Divine PURPOSE.  Of walking hand in hand with other women as, to guide them back to their deepest Truths and Remembrances.

Now is the time to live and activate the expressions of true power and authentic leadership so that we do not repeat the patterns of our world.  So that we can serve and contribute in deep, meaningful, and impactful ways. 

Let us unite as catalysts of powerful change in the world. By acknowledging that you hold sacred medicine and that you are ready to offer it to the women in your communities, we as a united tribe of Priestesses of the Moon, are creating pathways for the remembrance of ancient wisdom, needed transformation, deep healing, and embodied empowerment for all women and girls and future generations.




This is for you if you are Ready to

  • Rise in your greatest gifts.
  • Stand in your Sacred Feminine Leadership. 
  • Co-create in sisterhood and join our Goddess Rising Moon Temple Collective.
  • Be a voice of the Goddess. 
  • Be an ambassador in your work and life for Mother Earth, the Blood Mysteries, and Lunar Wisdom.
  • Circle with other Women and lovingly tend to their hearts, minds, bodies and Souls as sacred vessels of the Divine.


You Will Leave This Training With

  • Deep nourishment and activation of your body temple, mind and soul.
  • A profound connection to the medicine of the moon and the wild and sacred within and all around you.
  • An intimate and clear connection to your feminine essence and intuitive inner guidance.
  • An embodied experience of living as a sacred feminine leadership, in all areas of your life.
  • A deepened connection to the Goddess Archetypes as pathways for leadership and personal connection.
  • A profound experience of your passion, power and purpose in life, relationship and work.
  • Self acceptance, compassion and celebration of yourself and others.
  • Tools and space holding to begin, cultivate and sustain a thriving Moon Temple Group with Events & Workshops. 
  • An anchored place in our Moon Temple Collective and professional alliance for continued support.
  • A claimed seat in a sacred circle of ancient women's wisdom.


What our graduates are saying



Syllabus & Format

Syllabus & Format

Our Commitment 

We are advocates for creating powerful and nurturing in-person connections as global sisters. In this modern age of technology, it is essential that we cultivate and sustain these connections with sacred experiences in each others physical presence. Women of this planet need safe and sacred sanctuary space to return to in their communities, to explore the essence of their feminine nature and embodied awakening with witnessing and celebration. Therefore, the main portion of this training is IN PERSON, joined together in heart and presence.

We are committed to you fully embodying and living as a Moon Priestess in your unique Sacred Feminine Leadership to facilitate Moon Temples and Red Tents. Therefore, our Training is a powerful activation with a dynamic blend of practical and grounded theory & tools, deep inner cultivation, ceremony & ritual, and experiential embodiment training practices.


Training Materials

Included in the tuition fee is our Goddess Rising Moon Temple Facilitator Womanual that includes practices to deepen your own connection to Moon Medicine, as well as all Leadership & Temple Guidelines to support you as a powerful and authentic feminine leader to implement in Moon Temples, Women’s Circles and your Healing Business.


9 day training retreat in ojai, ca

  • Summer Solstice June 19 - 27


online video training mentorship

The Online Video Trainings are a blend of Q & A and review to follow up from our immersive 9 Day Retreat, Sisterhood Council Support, and additional attention to what is needed from the group.

  • June 7
  • July 20
  • Sept 12
  • November 9

Facilitator Training Syllabus Includes



1 The Art of Holding Sacred Space

This is perhaps one of the most IMPORTANT pieces of Leadership and supporting other women in their evolution.  The container for any offering or sacred event needs to be strong and potent for women to let down their guards and reveal their hearts. We will share numerous ways to support you in this so that you can contribute massively to the healing and empowerment of women.

Topics we cover include:

  • How to create safe space and structure for the group
  • Guidelines for the group and for yourself when you are leading/facilitating
  • How to create, communicate and implement the intention(s) for your Moon Temple
  • The difference between a Moon Temple/Red Tent group and regular “support groups” for women
  • How to honor the direction/flow of the group and simultaneously keep the focus, depth & power
  • The dynamic dance of being/doing in sacred feminine leadership
  • The shadow of women’s groups; what do to and what NOT do
  • In depth background and theory of the Moon Temple group practices


2 Healing & Deepening in your own inner journey

Being a Leader means that you are committed to your own personal growth and evolution.  You must walk the path of awakening and inner freedom yourself, so that you may lead other women to do the same. 
For many of us, we are navigating through the world making decisions out of past pains or conditionings, so we will guide you through practices to help release what is no longer serving you so that you can live from your TRUTH.


3 Feminine Embodiment Through the moon phases

Being in our bodies is something that many of us are learning.  Because of past traumas, most of us know how to “check out” and can be more focused on Spirit connection than actually creating relationship with these body Temples that have been gifted to us. During the week, we will lead you through various Embodiment Practices, connected to the medicine of the Moon Phases, so that you experience through your own body, the essence of who you are, your unique gifts and how you can share these practices with other women to offer them a deep remembrance of who they are.


4 EMbodying the Goddess as a Pathway for Leadership

We are all Remembering.  Remembering that we are the Living Embodiments of the Goddess.  As part of our women’s work, we must come to know the Goddess in all of her forms and be the embodiment of her in our daily lives and of course, when we lead Temple space for women. The Goddess comes in many forms and we will journey through specific Archetypes throughout this week as a means for your own self-discovery, spiritual evolution and empowerment.


5 Creating Business, Living your dharma & Sacred Commerce

You are a healer.  A guide.  A Soul whisperer.  You are here to share you sacred gifts in the world.  This world needs women who have powerful attributes AND know how to run a thriving and successful business.
In this Leadership Training you will receive professional guidance from our personal experiences to create, cultivate and continue heart based, lucrative and successful Moon Temples/ Red Tents / Events/ Women’s Wisdom businesses.  In a world where we use the energy exchange of money, this is deeply important. As you express your passion, live your purpose and own your worth, your personal life choices merge with the political and sets the tone for what is possible on a global scale.  With our Goddess Rising Moon Temple Leaders/Priestess Alliance, you become a part of a larger platform with reputable notoriety to create more change in this world.


6 Rising In Sisterhood 

This Leadership Training holds our core belief that as one woman rises, she brings along one or more women with her, creating a network of inspired women around the world. You will have the opportunity to be with your sisters in the flesh and dive into practices that are healing, transforming, supportive and empowering so that you can emerge ready to put into practice your unique and holy gifts with a supportive global alliance of women.


We are so looking forward to sharing with you what we have gathered over the years as we have led multiple thousands of women through various workshops, retreats, ceremonies, rituals, circles, initiations, trainings, and journeys.  This will be a potent container for healing, self-discovery, and an invitation for you to RISE into your Leadership for yourself and for every other woman.


June 19 - 27, Summer Solstice 2017

Ojai, California



Training Retreat Includes 

  • Complete 9 Day Facilitator Training
  • Moon Temple Priestess Training Womanual
  • 8 Nights 9/Days Stay at our Private Ojai Estate
  • 3 Delicious Organic Meals Daily

It does not include travel to and from retreat center.



june 19 arrival

  • Check-In 3pm 
  • Opening Circle is at 4:30pm
  • First Meal is Dinner is at 6:30pm


  • 6:45am Temple Body Practice
  • 9-12:30pm Facilitator Training 
  • 1-3pm LUNCH / Free Time / Possible Group Assignments
  • 3-6pm Facilitator Training
  • 7pm DINNER
  • 8:30pm Free Time/Evening Rituals


june 27 Departure

  • Last meal is Breakfast at 8:00am
  • Check-Out by 11:30pm


Getting There

You are responsible for getting to our private retreat space in California for Check-In at 3pm on June 19.

We will use our private Facebook Group to co-ordinate travel and full details will be given to you after registration.





Certification & Licensing


This must be completed before our Training Retreat in June, either a POTM Graduate OR as part of our next Priestesses Of The Moon beginning February 28th.

Once you complete all the certification requirements, which we will go through during your application interview, you will receive a Certification Diploma and be eligible to lead and facilitate Goddess Rising Moon Temples & Red Tents with legal licensing as a part of our Moon Temple Collective.


Membership To THe Goddess Rising Moon PRIESTESS Temple Collective 

From this training, you enter a supportive and inspiring Collective and Alliance of Global Sisters who also lead and facilitate Goddess Rising Moon Temples. Your seat in our Moon Temple Collective provides you with a space in our International Moon Temple Directory, including sharing and exposure of your events worldwide, with your name, photo and website. This also grants you access to our Member Only online platform of Moon Temple Resources with an entire (and expanding) Womanual of embodiment practices, moon rituals, workshop blueprints, music portfolio, marketing materials and so much more ~ everything you need to create powerful Moon Temples and Events. There are commitments and agreements and a yearly licensing fee for your participation in this Global Moon Temple Collective.

Yearly Moon Temple Collective Licensing Fee is $500 (beginning January 2018)



Through this training, you will become eligible to receive practice insurance to support and protect you as you offer this creative work and share your gifts.



The tuition for this Training is either 1 payment $3500 / 3 monthly payments of $1255 / 8 monthly payments of $488

Upon acceptance into this Training, you will be given a personal registration link for the tuition payment of your choice.

Tuition Includes:

  • Complete 9 Day Facilitator Training Retreat in Ojai, CA
  • 8 Nights 9/Days Stay at our Private Ojai Estate
  • 3 Delicious Organic Meals Daily
  • 4 Online Group Mentorship Calls to further your education and embodiment from the In-Person Training
  • 2 1:1 Mentorship Calls (1 with Achintya & 1 with Ameya)
  • Moon Priestess Temple Facilitator Training Womanual
  • Goddess Rising Moon Temple Priestess Facilitator Certification
  • Practice Insurance Eligibility, Licensing & Marketing Materials as a part of our Moon Temple Collective

Tuition does not include travel to and from retreat center or your yearly Moon Temple Collective Licensing Fee.


space is limited to 13 women by application


We invite you to fill out an Application if you are ready to join this powerful Program and further your path as a Moon Temple / Red Tent Facilitator within our Goddess Rising Moon Priestess Temple Collective.

Once your Application is reviewed, an email will be sent to set up a time for us to connect by phone (we can answer any questions you have) and begin this next phase of your Sacred Feminine Leadership. 

We will connect with you in detail about your Certification Requirements and all that is included with your Moon Temple Collective Membership.



Questions? Need further assistance? Email us HERE.



We reserve the Right to refuse this training to anyone and give a full tuition refund.

We hold the sacred commitment you make upon registration & therefore, there are NO tuition refunds.