Avalon Samhain Mysterium


Avalon Samhain Mysterium

Avalon Samhain Mysterium

November 1 - 3

3-day online ritual journey in Global sisterhood

Registration CLOSES October 30 

$88 usd


Samhain is the cross-quarter High Holy Day portal, half-way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice that marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year. During this time, the veils between the physical and spirit worlds are thinnest as we enter into the darkest part of the year governed by the Great Crone Goddesses. Life and death merge and the seen and unseen commune, allowing for access to deep inner wisdom and guidance.

As the Wheel of the Year turns, we welcome you to join us in Global Sisterhood for a pilgrimage into the Otherworld with 3 ‘Dark Goddesses’ of Avalon. This liminal realm invites you into the alchemical frequencies of death and rebirth so that you may experience essential Release, needed Refuge, desired Revelation and potent Remembrance of your Soul Self.

As Avalon parts her Mists, you will travel from Womb to Tomb to Womb again, to experience what is needed for your Soul and Life Path. Into the Dark you go to honor your heartaches, peel away your masks, strip away illusions and banish perceived limitations.  As you hear the songs of your ancient-future Self, purge distortions, journey with your Ancestors and cast sacred spells of Magick, you will being to the next cycle of your Earth Walk anchored in your Authentic Power.


Enter the Mystery

Enter the Mystery

Enter the Avalon Star Temple

of mystery, Myth & Magick


Avalon is a Star Temple where the Masculine and Feminine Commune in Sacred Union. It is the Heart Chakra and current Third Eye Chakra of Gaia where Cosmic Energies incarnate.  Avalon is the Isle of Apples (Ynys Afallach / Ynys Afallon), the Isle of Death & Rebirth and through the Sacred landscape forms a Gateway to the Otherworld.

Avalon cloaks herself in Mists as an act of Preservation. She reveals herself as needed and summons her Daughters home when they are ready. In our Mysterium we shall journey to Her energetic Realm as a Circle of Sisters to receive Spiritual Mysteries embedded with Mystical Truths for you to embody, bring forward to your communities in service and to your beloveds in devotion.

The Dark Goddesses are Calling

and Avalon welcomes you Home.


Temple 1 ~ CerRidwen

Dark Goddess of Transfiguration
November 1


Cerridwen is the Dark Goddess of Transfiguration. She is Keeper of the Cauldron of Truth & Wisdom and Sorceress of Magick Potion. She devours your fears, illuminates your illusions, and supports you in befriending your shadow self.  She enchants you to accept the Uncomfortable and reminds you that as you let go of the shore of safety and surrender into currents of the unknown, you will taste your True Power and be ushered to your Destiny.

With her Guidance, she will bring you to the Underworld for a journey of exploring your past-future self, revealing the needed Shapeshifting and Transformation for you now in the present.


Temple 2 ~ The Morrigan

Dark Goddess of Death

November 2

Before Morgana or Morgaine le Fay, there was The Morrigan.  She who is shrouded in Mystery, who is the Phantom-Queen and Shapeshifter.  The Morrigan invites you to look at EVERY aspect of who you are - parts that have been buried in shame, that have persecuted others, that have been exiled consciously or subconsciously - so that you can conquer falsities and claim Truth.

Death is her domain. She will bring you to the Realms of your Ancestors who have been waiting patiently for your arrival to clear your family Blood Line and pave new ways of being for yourself and Future Generations. The Morrigan stands beside you, calibrating your DNA to hold the Lover and Warrioress.


Temple 3 - Arianrhod

Dark Goddess of Magick

November 3

Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel is the Goddess of Magick, Spellcasting and Destiny Weaving. She is the Lady of the Stars who is here to co-create with you your epic tale in this lifetime. Arianrhod will bring the parts of you that have Died in the Underworld to the Heavenly World of her Revolving Castle.

Amongst the Stars and the Moon, you will become her Initiate and choose how you wish to Re-incarnate your Self. Through enchanting frequencies and planetary wisdom, you will weave your Myth into a living, breathing expression to start this Celtic New Year. The Starfire Magick of Arianrhod envelops you to embody your Sovereignty as the Dreamer Weaver of your Reality.


Registration Closes Oct 30

Registration Closes Oct 30

Registration is currently closed


ALL CALLS , NOVEMBER 1 - 3 1pm PST | 4pm EST | 9 GMT


MYsterium Includes

  • 6 hours of LIVE Samhain Teachings, Rituals & Dark Goddess Transmissions

  • 3 Downloadable Recordings of each Temple Call

  • 3 Printable Samhain Spell Cards for each Dark Goddess & Temple Call

  • 13 Page Avalon Samhain Mysterium Prep Guide:

Flower Essences for the Otherworld

Mystical Items for Each Temple

Temple Anointing Blends

Witches Tea Brew 

Altar Creation

$88 usd

A portion of your tuition will be donated to The Chalice Well Trust & The White Spring
as an Offering to the Sacred Lands of Avalon.


Samhain is an Ending and a Beginning. It is a Sacred opportunity to honor the Dark as a potent force on this planet. The Dark Goddesses have been exiled for thousands of years and it is time they are heard and honored for their Great Blessings. These 3 Dark Crone Goddesses will guide you into your personal Underworld and the Starry Skies of your Consciousness where the Truth of your Destiny and your Original Essence are waiting to be embodied.

Beloved One, you are welcomed as you are right now.  On your path of Wholeness and Becoming. With all of your convictions, tears, and rage. With all of your wisdom, beauty, and knowledge. Step over the threshold sister. We are honored and blessed to walk with you and Enter into the Avalon Samhain Mysterium.

With Love + Magick,

Ameya & Achintya

About your guides


In deep Reverence to Avalon, it is our greatest honour

to share with you this Mysterium.

Since 2014, we have had the great blessing of co-creating, teaching and guiding thousands of women from across the globe in our shared trainings, retreats, events and ceremonies, both online and in person. Our offerings are rooted in over 22 years each of personal inner journeying of Light and Shadow, initiations and trainings that have facilitated our embodied Healing, Remembrance and Empowerment.

In our sharing of Mystical Teachings, we co-create Sacred Sisterhood space for you to Release, Remember, Reclaim and Rebirth. Through the ancient ways of Avalon & The Rose Moon Path that teach and guide us, we offer our gifts to activate within you the Embodiment of your True Essence and live from a place of Inner Empowerment.

Through our Earthwalk, we have each traversed emotional and physical heart-aching experiences. We have wept upon the Earth and offered it all to the Heavens. We have died and been reborn. And through all of this, we have been led to the One Heart of the Goddess. She who exists through all Lineages and Timelines. All Dimensions and Mysteries. Walking side by side with Her, we found Ancient Wisdom seeping into an Inner Knowing and Shared Mission that has been here all along, in Devotion to The Way of Love and Service.

As Keepers of the Eternal Flame, we believe that through our collective remembrance and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, we are restoring Love to a world deeply needing healing and bringing forth meaningful connection and Empowerment to ourselves and with each other.  The Avalon Samhain Mysterium is a love offering in action devoted to you, our Global Sisterhood, Mother Earth, and all the Avalon Rose Priestesses who came before us, sourced from the deepest place in our hearts. We welcome you to join us as we step into The Mystery…

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