The Waning Moon is the time when the moon is descending from her fullness until we come once again to the darkness of the New Moon. As the external moon is waning in energy, this is a time where you may also feel your personal ebbs waning too.

In Priestesses of the Moon, we call this the Enchantress Phase. A time when we are more internally focused, there's an interest toward the mystical, dreamy, powerful, witchy and sensual aspects of our selves. You may find yourself needing space to be vulnerable and raw with your emotions.

The Waning Moon phase is the time for less productivity and more creativity! Art projects, dancing, writing and fully expressing yourself in ways where the final project isn't as important as the actual act of creating.

Waning Moon Mantra: I simplify. I release. I dream. I trust.

Waning Moon Ritual

Each day as the moon wanes make some time to sit with your self in quiet contemplation. Just for a few minutes with a hand on your heart and a hand on your womb focus your intention on being present with your emotions.

Say to yourself, I feel... Witnessing each emotion is enough. If you wish to take it another step further you can journal on if the particular emotion arising within you has a message for you.

We'd love to hear how you honor the Waning Moon time, please share with us in the comments!


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