The Waxing Moon is the time after the New Moon when the moon is growing and gaining momentum toward her peak at the Full Moon. As the external moon is expanding, this is a time where you may also feel more mentally focused, motivated, and alive.

With more energy (and also from what was revealed to you during the Dreamy Depths of the New Moon), you might be ready to work on and heal some old patterns, limiting beliefs, and pains that you have been carrying around since childhood that are affecting your life in this present moment.

One of the healing tools we explore in depth during Priestesses of the Moon are Flower Essences. Flower essences are plant medicines that support your emotional and spiritual growth. Their ability to repair trauma, relax your nervous system and bring your emotionality into Wholeness is truly miraculous.

When taken internally, they start to move subconscious imprints to the conscious mind - things you've suppressed will begin to loosen so that you can stop living from Wound and begin to live more deeply from a place of Empowerment. 


4 Flower Essences that will Support Ease in your Relationships

Cedar - This beautiful Tree brings a deep sense of safety.  If you have had any wounding in your life that has made you feel less than safe, Cedar will strengthen your system and bring a strong anchoring.  This will allow you to open up to another, to share what is present for you, and to cultivate a depth of intimacy.

Motherwort - she helps you create strong and appropriate boundaries for yourself. When you feel like you don't know how to say no, are saying yes to people-please, Motherwort is a wonderful ally. All of a sudden, you'll notice subtle shifts in speaking your needs without any guilt. 

Missouri Primrose - is your ally to call upon for a beautiful dose of worthiness into your being. When you are not feeling worthy, or you don't feel deserving of what you truly desire, Missouri Primrose will be a great friend. This flower essence reminds you of what you want to give and receive in relationships.

Borage - she is the grand flower essence for upliftment and increasing courage. She will support you to stand in your truth, speak your unspokens, and follow your path. She will support your soul to fully incarnate so you are present and solid in your body. 

In Priestesses of the Moon, we will support you in deeper ways to find the flower essences and plant allies that will support your specific and unique needs for your growth and transformation.

We'd love to hear how this information felt for you in the comments!