This Waning Moon, as sparked by the half moon in Aquarius with Sun in Taurus is a powerful portal for letting go of anything that stands between you and the dreams you have for your life and for our world with great love. What is now ready to dissolve and be released (body, mind, and soul) to make space for your visions to grow? How can you honour that you are both light and shadow? Life and death, masculine and feminine? In our world of polarity, one cannot exist without the other and the phases of the moon remind us that we are ALL of the cycles of life, internally and externally.

This is a great time to downsize and let go of material things that aren't useful, inspiring or no longer bring you joy. It's an auspicious time to nourish your body temple, slow down, listen to the quieter voice within and honour the simplicity of Being.

How can you welcome the Wisdom of this Half Waning Moon into your life? Share your comments over on the blog for sisterhood inspiration!

We are getting so excited because Priestesses of the Moon will be launching very soon! In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more waning and waxing moon magick like this every waning and waxing moon time. 

We'd love to know, have these blogs been helpful in supporting you during the lunar shifts each month? What are you noticing most as you connect deeper with your own lunar rhythms? We'd love to hear all about it, please share in the comments!