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Full Moon in Sagittarius Blessings!

The Full Moon is exact on Tuesday, May 29th at 7:19 AM PDT. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign that is ruled by Jupiter and it is the sign of the Quest. The sign that reminds us that we are on a journey to Remember and Know Thy Self. That we can aim our arrow at what we long for and with precision, presence, and some magic, we can achieve our desires.

It is so vital as the world is alive with chaos and violence that we, as women who are reclaiming our Truth, are clear about what we want to create and embody in this world.  As we know, there is no more time to wait.   Your quest is one of the most significant things you can be focused on… because your quest is what anchors you as you evolve into the most powerful and strong version of yourself.

In Priestesses of the Moon, your Quest always guides you back to deepening your relationship with the Moon, to your Blood, to certain rites of passages that you did not receive as a young woman.   Your Quest invites you into an honoring relationship with your wombspace so that you re-connect with the codes of the Sacred Feminine that reside inside.  This will contribute greatly to understanding who you are, at a DNA and Spirit level.

What you find on your quest will be some of the greatest gifts you could ever imagine.

When you come into relationship with the life force that animates through you, you, alongside everything in your life, will shift, in a beautiful way.  

So sister, what you are questing for right now? What dreams and desires are you walking towards? How are you holding this prayer every day so that you can greet your dreams in the next coming months? 

How can you honor your Blood? Your Wombspace during this Full Moon right now?

We would Love to hear from you. Share in the comments what you are uncovering within your self.