Temple 3 - Arianrhod

Dark Goddess of Magick

November 3


Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel is the Goddess of Magick, Spellcasting and Destiny Weaving. She is the Lady of the Stars who is here to co-create with you your epic tale in this lifetime. Arianrhod will bring the parts of you that have Died in the Underworld to the Heavenly World of her Revolving Castle.  Amongst the Stars and the Moon, you will become her Initiate and choose how you wish to Re-incarnate your Self. Through enchanting frequencies and planetary wisdom, you will weave your Myth into a living, breathing expression to start this Celtic New Year. The Starfire Magick of Arianrhod envelops you to embody your Sovereignty as the Dreamer Weaver of your Reality.