immerse yourself in The moon mysteries

Unveil your feminine essence

Priestesses of the Moon teaches mystical, practical and tangible information and also creates an embodied experience of transformation. Through this experiential re-education, each woman walks through a series of initiations to connect her to the truth of her Lunar Nature within. In sacred sister space, with the Moon as our guide, we explore the unique wisdom each lunar phase reflects to us as women and how we can apply this in our lives on a daily basis for lasting empowerment.


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*All calls are approximately 2 hours, with the recordings added to our online classroom within 24 hours*



  • A deeply empowering experiential re-education for lasting transformation & empowerment

  • 8 Weekly Moon Temple Calls with Moon Phase Rituals, Practical & Mystical Info, Experiential Homeplay Practices

  • 1 Additional Q & A Call & Recordings

  • 8 Recordings of Every Moon Temple Call that are yours forever

  • 6 Additional Recorded Audio & Video Trainings with Achintya & Ameya

  • 115 Page Priestesses Of The Moon Womanual, Delivered in Weekly Segments

  • Secret Online Moon Priestess Portal Classroom with all Recordings & Womanual

  • Private Facebook Group to unite in Sisterhood including personal connection with Achintya & Ameya


Temple 1

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Temple 2


New Moon

Mapping Our Journey

 Intention Setting Ceremony & Releasing The Past

Opening To Your Creative Potential

Navigating Your Feminine Essence

Anchoring Into Sisterhood

Altar Creation

 40 Day Womb Meditation Intro


Waxing Moon


Activating Your Ideas & Hearts Desires

Reclaiming Your Womb With Moon Cycle Charting

Sacred Lunar Sounds & Symbols

Creating Your Moon Goddess Basket

Journeying Into Archetypal Wisdom


Temple 3

Temple 4


Full Moon

Wild Love

Delighting In Your Sensual Nature

Sacred Sexuality & Self Sovereignty

Allowing The Expression Of Your Pleasure

Kundalini Yoni Yoga

Walking The Beauty Way


Waning Moon

Into The Mystic

Embodying The Dark Goddess

Healing Past Hurts & Forgiveness Practices

Befriending Your Emotions & Honing Priestess Intuition

Flower Essence Support For Your Journey

Acupressure For Moontime


Temple 5

Ode to the Moon 4x6 by Linzy Arnott.jpg

Temple 6


Dark Moon

Remembering The Moon Lodge

Creating your Red Tent / Moon Lodge

Sacred Moontime Rituals

Blood Mysteries & Earth Offerings

 Dreamtime Wisdom & Ancestral Womb Blessing

Priestess Protection Practices

Waxing Moon


Creating your Monthly Lunar Life Design

Womb Care With Herbal Medicine

 Nutrition To Nourish The Female Form

The Art Of Setting Boundaries



Temple 7


Temple 8

Bathing in Moonbeams by Linzy Arnott.jpg

Full Moon


Yoni Health & Pleasure With Qi Gong & Jade Egg Practices

Claiming Your Greatest Gifts

Embodying Your Sacred Feminine Leadership

Transforming Your Ancestral Feminine Lineage


Waning Moon

Celebration RITUAL

Self-Love Blessing & Womb Vow

Walking The Wild & Wise Priestess Path

Completion Ceremony


Temple artwork by Graduate Linzy Arnott



Integrate & implement this moon wisdom into all areas of your life

·       Daily Life & Personal Practices

·       Challenges & Growth Edges

·       Celebrations & Achievements

·       Relationships with Self & Others

.      Service & Offerings

·       Purpose & Leadership

·       Art & Craft 

·       Play, Pleasure & Passions

·       Sensuality & Sexuality

·       Business Plans & Profession