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Stay Connected

PRiestesses Of The Moon

8-week online Womb Mysteries & Lunar wisdom Training



A global shift is happening

Do you feel it too?

With so much change happening within and all around us, women, just like you, are waking up, thirsty for deeper connection to their feminine essence, clear purpose, passion, creativity, joy and empowered living.  Out of their slumber, they are awakening to find what they once thought would make them happy and healthy is no longer.  And the answers that society gives to soothe the ache in their heart is no longer working.  If you find yourself here, you might be feeling similarly.


Perhaps you

  • Are ready to heal your Feminine health issues that have been plaguing you for years

  • Want to anchor significant moments in your life through sacred moon ritual

  • Know that Sisterhood is where you will find acceptance and belonging

  • Have a swelling in your heart and womb space to Rise and share your soulful gifts in the world

  • Are shedding who you “should” be to become who you ARE

In fact, if any of these are true to you, then your thirst is about to be quenched.

Priestesses Of The Moon is a Journey of Remembrance

  • Through your past wounds to understand yourself more fully in the present

  • Through your shame or suppression to a re-awakening of your sensual and sexual self

  • Through your limiting beliefs to the deepest reservoir of who you are and what you desire

  • Through your Moon Cycle to understand the power that pulsates through your “ladyparts”

  • Ultimately, to connect you to your innate lunar nature, your feminine power and back to home to yourself


Our Mystery School training is a place where the sacred lies

  • It is a Sanctuary for women to find refuge and be inspired to live according to the songs of their heart

  • It is a Portal into the realms of Woman

  • It is an Initiation to live in sync with your Moon Rhythms and reconnect with your Womb Wisdom

  • It is a Gateway into your Mystical Remembrance of what has been hidden or unknown for too long - practices, tools, rituals, and embodiment that will have you living the life you have always envisioned for yourself

  • It is your Playground for your sensuous and untapped pleasure

  • It is your Temple for your Embodiment of the Goddess

  • It is a Catalyst to recalibrate you from outdated, limiting ways of living and into beliefs and patterns that are empowering, inclusive, and full of possibilities

  • It is a Path to heal your body and understand the way in which she communicates with you




Reclaim Your Sacred Cycle


It used to be that Women were “Initiated” into Womanhood by our Mothers, Aunties, or even Sisters.  At the onset of menstruation, ceremonies or gatherings would be held to mark this significant moment in a Woman’s Life.  In many ancient cultures, women were sung sacred songs, given new names, and offered new clothing as they were guided into the sacred teachings of the moon and womanly ways.  


Today, we often find ourselves at a loss for this thing called “Woman”.  Shame and misunderstanding cloud our experience of our body's intelligence and our emerging self-expression. We find ourselves fumbling blindly, trying desperately to understand who we are as Woman, how to create intimacy with others, and how to navigate through life with grace, passion and true fulfillment.


Priestesses Of The Moon is offered as a Rite of Passage. This is an Initiation to live in sync with each phase of the moon and into the realms of Woman that most of us never received. It has been designed to re-connect you to your source of true feminine power within. This journey is a pathway home to yourself for living your grandest potential as an empowered woman and a priestess of the moon during this era of great planetary awakening.


Align with the Moon

Align with the Moon

Embody The Rhythm Of Your Feminine Power

Most women have consciously or subconsciously been conditioned to follow a Masculine model of existence. Push hard, achieve, and hide emotions. And now we find ourselves feeling disconnected from our bodies, manifesting severe menstrual symptoms, exhausted, and unsure of our deepest desires.


There has been so much confusion for women on how to stay connected to our Feminine while also "keeping up" with the structure created by our society.  What might it be like if we lived in accordance with the innate rhythms that course through our body? What might it be like to understand the powerful language trying to communicate with us?


Priestesses Of The Moon serves to provide an embodied remembrance of our divine cyclical blueprint and reawaken the magical connection we have with the ancient rhythms of the moon, reflected in our bodies and life experience. As we re-discover, honour, demystify and embody our lunar gifts, we rise into greater physical and spiritual health together, uncoil our feminine wisdom, and come home to ourselves. 



Rise in Sisterhood

Rise in Sisterhood

The world needs us & we need each other


Separation, isolation, and mistrust of others have unfortunately become the “norm” for many women.  We tend to hide or ignore our feelings for fear of being shamed or judged.  We are walking around holding so much of our pain, anger, heartache, and fearing to actually speak our truth or express personal boundaries.


As we remember the ways of the Feminine, we open our tender hearts to be seen and heard by other women.  We know that as we share our vulnerable stories, it connects us to each other and to a larger collective whole.  Slowly, we chip away at the armor that we have been wearing to find acceptance, joy and meaningful relating amongst women.


Priestesses Of The Moon is rooted in the very essence that as one woman rises, she brings along one or more women with her, thus creating a network of inspired women around the world. We honor that we all hold similar wounds and desires and through this commonality, we become more loving towards one another and celebrate the unique gifts we each have. With your participation, you enter into in a supportive global tribe of sisters.




 Remember mother Nature. Remember Your yourself.


Global strife, chaos, fear and confusion in our collective human state have largely been a result of a global separation from Nature's Wisdom and each other. These strong 'dis-eases' are in dire need of detoxification, transformation and healing. As awakening women, we are at the forefront of evolutionary shift to restore planetary balance and harmony from the inside out. When we re-connect to the wisdom of Mother Earth, living with harmony with Her rhythms, we shift into a greater understanding of our own cyclical changes and wisdom, which benefits our personal health and wellbeing and that of our communities and the planet.


We used to live closely connected with the natural cycles of the planet and our first calendars were based upon the moon and Her phases. The root word for menstruation is the same as the root word for moon, month and measurement of time. The Sanskrit word for menstruation and ritual are the same.  As Priestesses of the Moon, when we return back to this ancient wisdom and way of living, we create health and wholeness in our bodies, minds and hearts that will ripple out to our families and communities for generations to come and assist in the healing of Mother Earth.


Priestesses Of The Moon opens the doors to resurrect your Priestess Self, to live your life as a Sacred Offering, and create your Feminine Legacy. You are invited to step into the remembrance of Mother Nature's rhythm and embody all her phases of Birth, Life, Growth, Blossoming, Harvest, Decay, Death and Rebirth in your own life. You are supported to rise in your personal Feminine Leadership to share your innate gifts and express your authentic heart. You are encouraged to be a chalice for Goddess Wisdom to pour forth, return to ritual, and rekindle your role as a Steward of the Earth.




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