Next Training coming in 2018!


Next Training coming in 2018!

Interested in joining us for priestesses of the moon?

Registration Will re-open in Spring 2019!



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immerse yourself in The moon mysteries

Unveil your feminine essence

Priestesses of the Moon teaches mystical, practical and tangible information and also creates an embodied experience of transformation. Through this experiential re-education, each woman walks through a series of initiations to connect her to the truth of her Lunar Nature within. In sacred sister space, with the Moon as our guide, we explore the unique wisdom each lunar phase reflects to us as women and how we can apply this in our lives on a daily basis for lasting empowerment.


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*All calls are approximately 2 hours, with the recordings added to our online classroom within 24 hours*



  • A deeply empowering experiential re-education for lasting transformation & empowerment

  • 8 Weekly Moon Temple Calls with Moon Phase Rituals, Practical & Mystical Info, Experiential Homeplay Practices

  • 1 Additional Q & A Call & Recordings

  • 8 Recordings of Every Moon Temple Call that are yours forever

  • 6 Additional Recorded Audio & Video Trainings with Achintya & Ameya

  • 115 Page Priestesses Of The Moon Womanual, Delivered in Weekly Segments

  • Secret Online Moon Priestess Portal Classroom with all Recordings & Womanual

  • Private Facebook Group to unite in Sisterhood including personal connection with Achintya & Ameya


Temple 1

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Temple 2


New Moon

Mapping Our Journey

 Intention Setting Ceremony & Releasing The Past

Opening To Your Creative Potential

Navigating Your Feminine Essence

Anchoring Into Sisterhood

Altar Creation

 40 Day Womb Meditation Intro


Waxing Moon


Activating Your Ideas & Hearts Desires

Reclaiming Your Womb With Moon Cycle Charting

Sacred Lunar Sounds & Symbols

Creating Your Moon Goddess Basket

Journeying Into Archetypal Wisdom


Temple 3

Temple 4


Full Moon

Wild Love

Delighting In Your Sensual Nature

Sacred Sexuality & Self Sovereignty

Allowing The Expression Of Your Pleasure

Kundalini Yoni Yoga

Walking The Beauty Way


Waning Moon

Into The Mystic

Embodying The Dark Goddess

Healing Past Hurts & Forgiveness Practices

Befriending Your Emotions & Honing Priestess Intuition

Flower Essence Support For Your Journey

Acupressure For Moontime


Temple 5

Ode to the Moon 4x6 by Linzy Arnott.jpg

Temple 6


Dark Moon

Remembering The Moon Lodge

Creating your Red Tent / Moon Lodge

Sacred Moontime Rituals

Blood Mysteries & Earth Offerings

 Dreamtime Wisdom & Ancestral Womb Blessing

Priestess Protection Practices

Waxing Moon


Creating your Monthly Lunar Life Design

Womb Care With Herbal Medicine

 Nutrition To Nourish The Female Form

The Art Of Setting Boundaries



Temple 7


Temple 8

Bathing in Moonbeams by Linzy Arnott.jpg

Full Moon


Yoni Health & Pleasure With Qi Gong & Jade Egg Practices

Claiming Your Greatest Gifts

Embodying Your Sacred Feminine Leadership

Transforming Your Ancestral Feminine Lineage


Waning Moon

Celebration RITUAL

Self-Love Blessing & Womb Vow

Walking The Wild & Wise Priestess Path

Completion Ceremony


Temple artwork by Graduate Linzy Arnott



Integrate & implement this moon wisdom into all areas of your life

·       Daily Life & Personal Practices

·       Challenges & Growth Edges

·       Celebrations & Achievements

·       Relationships with Self & Others

.      Service & Offerings

·       Purpose & Leadership

·       Art & Craft 

·       Play, Pleasure & Passions

·       Sensuality & Sexuality

·       Business Plans & Profession






How We Are Gathering



 Moon Temple

We gather in the Moon Temple once a week for a 120 minute live call. This is where the magic happens. We dive into embodiment practices, moon medicine wisdom, mystical content, personal sharing and Q & A to create powerful participatory council of wisdom and heart.

*All calls will be recorded if you can't make it and posted by the following day in our online Mystery School Portal.


ONLINE Mystery School Portal

This is where the juju lies. Here, in the online classroom space, you will find all the weekly Moon Temple Recordings, Womanual PDF's, Video Tutorials, Soul-Full Home Play Practices, Bonus Luminary Interviews and more. All organized in one place and easy for you to navigate.


Sister Heart Circle

The fire has always been a place for myth and mystery, connection and transformation. A sacred place to listen to and tell stories for learning. We'll be using a Private Facebook Group for our ongoing global sister heart sharing and reflection. Connect with your fellow priestess sisters. Express yourself with poetry, imagery, songs & related inspiration throughout the journey. Your creativity, interaction and voice contributes to the collective magic.


Registration is now CLOSED.



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How is this program unique?

This sacred journey is experiential, informative and interactive. It has been designed to reawaken your lunar gifts as a woman, untie the societal conditionings such as shame and guilt that have been passed to you as a woman, and reconnect you to your source of true power within. 

During this online womb mysteries and lunar wisdom immersion, you will have the opportunity to explore who you truly are and how you want to live. Through our weekly temple calls with rituals, feminine embodiment practices, and practical learning, you will be invited to full experience yourself as a lunar woman and in a safe container of sisterhood.

You will be guided into deep feminine inquiry, reconnection with Mother Earth, aligning with the moon and sacred rituals that will enhance your daily life.

This is going to be a wild and sacred journey and in 8 weeks you will BE and feel different. You will have been initiated into the Rites Of Woman as a Priestess Of The Moon.


I am not sure if I will be able to make it to the Weekly Temples. What time are they?

Our weekly calls take place on Tuesdays, from July 10 - August 31 at 3pm PDT (exception is that Aug 31st is a Friday).

We have 1 additional Q & A Calls on Thursday Aug 9th at 1:30 PDT

If you cannot make the calls, it's okay! Recordings will be available within 24 hours.

All call-in information and details will be emailed to you before we begin on the 26th.


Will I have access to the class materials past the 8 weeks?

Yes. You will have 8 Class Recordings, 1 Q & A Recording, our 115 Page Priestesses Of The Moon Womanual, 6 additional Videos Trainings to download and listen to/watch as often as you want.


I am feeling fear about investing in myself? Do you have recommendations on how to move through this?

Yes... Deservability and worthiness. Here is a simple practice. Read through the Mystery School Syllabus. Check out all the goodies you will receive. After reading, stand up and with feet firmly on the floor, put one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb space. Picture yourself in 8 weeks from now.  A heightened Remembrance, Daily Rituals and Practices, Deep Connection to the Moon, an Understanding of your Body’s Wisdom, a Group of Women who have got your back. Breathe deep.

Take a step back (literally). Open your eyes and ask yourself if this program is a Yes. This is a process of asking your body. In our minds, we can create a litany of reasons NOT to leap and this generally holds us back from our truest desires. Ask your body.  She is the keeper of Truth.  We promise you will get a clear Yes or No.


This Is Not The Best Time For Me. When Will You Offer Priestesses Of The Moon Again?

We will offer this Initiation Training again, most likely (but can't say for sure) in the Winter of 2019.


I feel that I am at a crossroads in my life and often find that I am not sure which direction to walk.  Will Priestesses of the Moon help me?

Absolutely!  Priestesses Of The Moon has been curated to meet each woman in her deepest heart’s songs.  Through ritual, prayer, sisterhood, aligning with the rhythms of the Moon, sensual play, and practical teachings, you will reclaim your Feminine Essence.  Within this space, you will find the treasures that you are seeking.  Clarity awaits. 


You talk about the power of sisterhood and how to learn through being in a community of other women. This brings up fear as I don’t have experience with this. Should I still enroll?

We are all craving community. To be seen. Appreciated. Valued. Understood

Women have been separated for too long. We are called to gather ourselves in this time of significant planetary shift. Drop the veils, heal the sister wounds and unite. Dear one, you are not alone. We are meant to do this together. In tribal culture, we used to gather regularly. In modern times we have become disconnected not only from nature, but from each other. As women, we are connected by the tides of our blood. Now is the time to shine our collective light, do our shadow work, support each other and rise into our most remarkable selves. When we honour each woman's unique gifts, we open ourselves up to the universal flow of continuous and abundant giving and receiving and shift negative societal programming. Our sisterly love is indeed changing the world.

What you will find in Priestesses Of The Moon are women who will support and honor you. They will see your greatness (sometimes more than their own) and hold you to your commitment to heal your body, mind, and Soul.  They will heal your heart and become your tribe.


is there a refund policy?

In this Initiation Training, it is important that we collectively show up in commitment and integrity to this sacred work. With dedication to personal growth, healing, transformation and empowerment on the Priestess Path and in Sisterhood, we journey deep together in devotion to the Goddess in her all her powerful Moon Phases and how she lives through us. Because of the nature of this offering, there are no refunds and all materials are yours to keep.


What am I receiving in this Online Mystery School Training?

  • A deeply empowering experiential re-education with lasting transformation
  • 8 Weekly Moon Temple Calls full of Practical & Mystical Information, Sharing & Experiential Practices/Moon Phase Rituals 
  • 1 Additional Q & A Call & Recording
  • 8 Recordings of Every Moon Temple Call that are yours forever
  • 6 Moon Temple Training Videos with Achintya & Ameya
  • Priestesses Of The Moon 115 Page Womanual, Delivered in Weekly Segments
  • Private Facebook Group to Unite in Sisterhood including personal connection with Achintya & Ameya




Questions? Need further assistance? Email us HERE.


Your Guides




Your Guides




We are Honored to be your guides on this Journey

A significant part of our life's purpose is creating sacred space for deep connection, expression, transformation and healing within sisterhood. Through the ancient ways of the circle that teach and guide us, we share our gifts to activate within you the embodiment of your true womanly essence and live from a place of inner empowerment.

We are passionately committed to living in the rhythm of our own feminine power and are continuously learning from the Goddess as She unveils herself through us.

We know what it's like to experience excruciating menstrual cramps and be disconnected from our own body's intelligence that keep us separate. We know what it's like to feel insecure, heartache, isolation, guilt and shame. We know what it's like to experience familiar pangs of longing and desires that have not yet been met. We know what it's like to be on an evolutionary path and yet still feel like something is missing.

Catalyzed by these challenges and limiting beliefs, we have been blessed to discover pathways of remembrance to unveil our womanly radiance, reclaim our sacred cycles and lead from our deepest truth.

It is our greatest privilege to share with you the teachings that have so exquisitely transformed our lives.

Priestesses of the Moon is a love offering in action devoted to you and Mother Earth, sourced from the deepest place in our hearts and is rooted in over 20 years each of personal inner journeying, initiations and trainings that have facilitated our healing and transformation.

We believe that through our collective remembrance and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, we are restoring earth wisdom to a world deeply needing heart healing and bringing forth meaningful connection and empowerment to ourselves and with each other. 

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Achintya Devi is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School and Global Sisterhood, dedicated to activating and empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine within women worldwide through Moon Priestess and Leadership Trainings, Priestess Pilgrimages, Retreats and an Online Global Moon Sisters Temple.

As a Women’s Wisdom & Leadership Mentor, Ordained Priestess, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Acupressure Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, she is especially passionate about women reclaiming and their Womb Power and rising together in sisterhood to reawaken the Sacred Feminine within and on Earth for lasting transformation and to serve as Empowered Leaders in this era of great Planetary Awakening.

Achintya is from British Colombia, teaches and travels internationally and is based on the island of Maui.



Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Health and Feminine Leadership.  Through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Counselor, and Shamanic Practitioner, Joanne supports women to Remember their truths, beauty, wisdom, and power.

She is most passionate about helping women to let go of past pains and hurts in order to reclaim their Wild Feminine Hearts. Anchoring this in wisdom traditions, women are invited to coax out their radiance.  They are set off on a path of reclamation.

She teaches women's wisdom and embodiment workshops, a Flower Essence Certification Program, and an Online Women's Mystery School.


 Questions or need assistance? Email us HERE.